Adoption Application

We are a small private rescue. We are staffed by non paid volunteers who work full time jobs. If interested in a particular dog, fill out an adoption application. We accept applications until we find the best fit for the dog. We are a NO kill shelter and our dogs are not placed until the best homes are found. They are safe and in no danger. See requirements below. 

We wanted to reach out to everyone during these unprecedented times to provide some general information regarding the way that our rescue will operate and how we will handle things during this Covid-19 virus pandemic. 


As far as adoptions, these will be handled on a case by case basis. The susceptibility of the foster home, as well as, the adopter must be taken into consideration. Many of our foster homes and or adopters may have underlying health issues or they may not feel comfortable leaving their house for an adoption. We have to respect our foster homes, our Home Visit volunteers and our adopters at this time while also respecting the boundaries this virus has placed upon us.   We need to understand adoptions will be slower therefore possibly tying up foster homes for longer periods of time. We will do the absolute best that we can during this strenuous time. 

Adoption Applications will not be considered without a Vet Reference for us to check how current and/or past pets have been cared for (No exceptions) .Your Vet Reference must be a Vet that you have actually used the services of in the past for your pets.  Answer all questions, if it does not apply to your situation, please put n/a.  If your application is submitted without all questions answered and the captcha security area entered, the system will not send the application to Alcovy Pet Rescue. Adoption fees for dogs are $250 – $450 depending on the dog. Contact us for cat adoption fees. 

Alcovy Pet Rescue, Inc.