How much are your adoption fees?
Our fees normally run anywhere from $250 per dog up to $450 per dog and $125 or less for cats,  depending on age, adopt-ability of the dog/cat and other factors such as medical/care expenses associated with the dog/cat.   All dogs are vaccinated (including bordetella), dewormed, heartworm tested, if positive, heartworm treated,  spayed or neutered and micro-chipped.  All cats are vaccinated, dewormed, Feline leukemia (FeLV) tested and feline immunodeficiency tested (FIV) and found negative, spayed or neutered and micro-chipped.  Also, some dogs /cats have had eye surgeries, dentals, and removal of dew claws (if needed) and various other surgeries.  Each adoption is a case by case basis.   We in turn take these monies to help another dog/cat in need.

Why do you ask for veterinarian references?
We check your vet reference to see how you have had past/current pets cared for in the past.  We ask if your pets have been kept up to date on all vaccines needed, and in the case of dogs if you have kept your dog up to date on heart-worm preventative.  In the case of cats, have you had them tested for Feline leukemia (FeLV) tested for feline immunodeficiency tested (FIV) and found negative.  We ask if all your pets have been spayed or neutered.  We can not approve an adoption application if no vet reference is provided or if proper vet care has not been provided in the applicants past.  We want only the best homes for our rescues and for them to get the best care possible.

Do you ship dogs or cats to adopters or adopt out of the state of GA? 

We NEVER ship dogs or cats to adopters.  We care deeply that our rescues get the best home possible and we always want to meet our potential adopters and have them meet the rescue dog or cat to see if they are compatible.  We try to adopt our rescue dogs and cats within close radius to us so we can be there if the adopter needs us for any reason.  On rare occasions we will adopt outside the state of GA, and only to surrounding states within a reasonable driving distance from our adoption events so the adopters can meet us and the dog or cat.

Is someone able to call me?

We are a group of volunteers who keep our fosters in our homes, providing them with a loving environment.  Most of our volunteers work full time jobs and we are unable to call the 100’s of call requests we get on a daily basis.  If you are interested in one of the pets on our website, please email us, our contact information can be found on our website under Contact Us.  Those serious inquiries about meeting our available animals can complete an online application, which does not obligate you to adopt, those applications which are approved will be contacted about meeting the desired dog or cat at one of our adoption events.












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